Diversity & Inclusion

Given the overwhelming importance of issues around Diversity and Inclusion, our clients increasingly look for creative assistance to help address internal cultural issues. Spark Creative provides unique, customized solutions to Diversity & Inclusion challenges clients may face. 


How It works

Spark interviews several client staff who are directly affected by issues around Diversity & Inclusion to create two high-impact, engaging solutions: Custom Scenarios and Custom Skills Sessions.


From information gleaned from our interviews with client staff, Spark creates, writes and delivers a series of nuanced, realistic and engaging scenarios that will be performed, by skilled Spark actors, live or on video. All material subject to client approval.

GOAL: To demonstrate, in efficient, custom realistic scenarios, situations in which D&I issues arise at our client. The scenarios provide an excellent opportunity for everyone to see how issues of D&I affect us all. These scenarios also provide a wonderful chance for client staff to discuss those issues in a very safe space, and how we, as individuals and as a company, can address them in a positive way.


Spark draws upon our over 20 year experience creating engaging workshops with cutting edge research in neuroscience and diversity to build 2 hour, 4 hour and full day skills sessions. These workshops feature customized exercices which include raw skills training in empathy, listening, and agility, as well as focused custom roleplays.

GOAL: For individuals to experience, in a safe, supportive environment, ways in which they can improve communication skills to help cement a positive culture around D&I to help all staff.


Clients have the option to choose one of the above options, or to combine both for the most effective solution.

In all our sessions and scenarios, Spark endeavors to ensure that no one feels singled out or made to feel inadequate around these issues. The atmosphere is one of positivity, support and finding mutual solutions that help everyone.